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This idea started three years ago on the vending floor of DFW Fiberfest.  Some friends and I were talking about the misconceptions that non-knitters/crocheters have about those that do. 

"How old are you? Only grandmothers knit"

"You really knit/crochet"

"You must do that because you're bored"

and yes our favorite

"Black girls knit???????"

We laughed we shopped and we came up with slogans that would be great on a t-shirt.  Long story it is. 

Just because we knit, crochet, spin, dye or weave, doesn't mean that we're grandmas (but shout out to those of you who are).  It doesn't mean we're not cool and it doesn't mean we're bored!  It means that we have a craft and a community we love and we want to celebrate it OUT LOUD and with SWAG!

So welcome, I hope that you love wearing my designs as much as you love your craft.

Carmen Jones

The Mahogany Sheep